Do not create an unnecessarily burden to the cohesion of a band by trying to record by your self without being a pro in recording audio.


As most of the time the acoustics of a band room do not meet the requirements of a studio production. Come to us, enjoy the service of 30 years of recording experience and book your professional takeoff on favorable conditions that you will love.


The Rosecorner Studio is a rock'n'roll recording studio in old tradition! Those who prefer the smooth, pleasing uniformed mush, should not come to us. The artistically intuitive moment of a recording is sacred to us. The ultimate goal is to capture the energy and feeling of the music without destroying the energetic core and creating soundscapes as works of art. Artistic expression and authenticity are very important to us. 


Centerpiece and control center, creative living space and sound forge. A place to feel good and thus achieve the best results.


To produce referable mix results, the control room was designed with all acoustic factors in mind. So helmholz resonators, plate vibrators and absorbers have been installed according to acoustic measurements.


Monitors: Genelec 1031A, JBL Control One

Control Room


Digital or analog? The old and never ending religious war? We combine the advantages of both worlds.


With our Otari MTR 90 MkII 2 inch 24 track tape machine and its unique sound coloring, we'll take you back to the time when the music was still analogue and true. The one who believes the fairy tale, one could produce this effect with Plugins, is definitely on the wrong track. It´s simply not possible - you need the real thing to do this. Fat tape saturation and a unique warmth give your music the ultimate kick.

Analog Power




Whether individual artist or big band. In our recording room we find the best place for everything. The recording room was designed considering all acoustic factors.


The acoustic design is unique and offers optimum recording conditions through the installation of Helmholz resonators, plate vibrators, absorbers and perforated plate vibrators.

Recording Room


The studio features legendary high-end mic preamps and outboard as the foundation for a unique recording:

4x Neve 1073 Mic-Preamp

2x Neve 1073 EQ

2x Neve Portico 5012 Mic Preamp

2x API 512c  Mic Preamp

2x Aphex 207D Tube Mic Preamp

1x Telefunken V672 Mic Preamp (1965)

1x Slate VMS One Mic Preamp

8x Focusrite Octopre (modified with  Marinair transformers)

1x  TLA 8 Channel Tube Preamp-Interface

1x Ferrofish A32 AD/DA Converter 192 Khz/24 Bit (32 Channel I/O)

1x RME Hammerfall HDSPe Madi FX

1x Headphone Amp Presonus HP 60, 6 separate stereo monitor mixes.

1x Otari MTR 90 MkII analogue 24-Track 2 inch tape recorder

Preamps & Outboard


The foundation for a perfect recording are the selected High End microphones.

2x Neumann U87 (Matched Pair, Vintage)

1x Neumann U47 Tube (Vintage, modified)

1x Neumann KMS 105

1x Neumann TLM103

1x AKG C414

1x AKG D12

2x AKG C535 EB

1x Audio Technica 4033

1x ATR 25

1x Slate ML2

1x Slate ML1

1x Shure SM7

4x Shure SM57

1x Shure Beta57

2x Sennheiser ME40

3x Sennheiser MD421

2x Sennheiser MD441

1x Sennheiser BF521

4x Studio- Projekts B1 modified with Neumann U47 capsule und Telefunken FET circuit